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Methods of Balancing

or Everything You Wanted To Know About Balancing,

But Did Not Know Who To Ask

By J. Robertson

Bubble Balance (Normally Not Used Anymore)

The tire and rim do not rotate during the balancing process. By applying balancing weight to the rim does not compensate for the changing conditions of the Total Wheel Assembly. Also, it does not balance the hub, wheel bearings, drum or rotor.

Computer Spin Balance and or Road Force Spin Balance (Most common Form of Balancing)

By applying stick on balancing weight to the rim, the weight does not move under actual driving conditions to compensate for the changing conditions of the total wheel assembly. This method also does not balance the hub, wheel bearings, drum or rotor. Moreover, the road force balancing does simulate a tire footprint to the road surface but does not cover the full range of this changing condition.

Strobe Balancing (Not commonly used)

A process of balancing the wheel assembly by using a strobe light to freeze frame the location of the out of balance by spinning of the wheel assembly while still on the truck. Stick on weight(s) are applied to the rim to correct the imbalance. This method does take in the whole wheel assembly hub, wheel bearings, drum, or rotor under one set on conditions. Stick on weight does not adjust for the changing balancing conditions.

Balancing Media Inside The Tire

This type of balancing media does not operate in a perfect circle due to the flat spot of the tire against the road surface. It is the opinion of the writer that only clean dry compressed air be used inside of the tire.

The "On Board" Balancing System

The Centramatic Balancing System

With this type of balancer, the balance is achieved during real time and under actual driving conditions. Centramatic balances the whole turning wheel assembly. It balances the hub, drum, rotor, wheel bearings, tire and rim. This method adjusts for the changing road, load and miles per hour conditions of the total wheel assembly. This is a total balance system and is the best form of balancing for that reason

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