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Customer Reviews Centramatic Wheel Balancers

You just cannot make this stuff up. Read on to learn the experience of actual users.

"Installed a set of Centramatic, and OH MY, what a smooth ride! No muss no fuss, just instant smooth riding work truck! - J. Lerch

"I have been running Centramatic Wheel Balancers for about 5 years now. My truck drives a lot better with them and tires are lasting 40 - 50 longer. My ride is a lot smoother". - R Blue, Cleburne, TX

"We got 380,000 miles out of our drive tires. We feel that we accomplished this by the use of Centramatic Balancers tire rotation and proper air pressure. You have a great product." - J Riddle.

"I have but one expression to describe the wheel balancers on my truck. WOW! I have never experienced such a dramicit change in anything that has been done to my truck till now. Many times I have taken my truck into the truck stops and to Kenworth to have the balance checked on my wheels, the alignment checked, the tires changed, and the shocks, and other suspension parts to try to locate what was causing the shake and shimmy in my truck. Only when the Centramatic Wheel Balancers were installed on my truck did this problem go away. I have discovered the extra benefit of them. My fore arms used to hurt at the end of each day apparently from the shaking and vibrating in the suspension of the truck. Now I am feeling better and not as fatigued at the end of the day. Which I feel makes me a safer, more alert driver all from the smooth ride that comes from having the Centramatic Balancers on my truck." - P. Pyle

"I bought balancers for my Dodge dually with 19.5 wheels. Working great, smooth ride". - P. Strange

"Not too long ago I installed front and rear Centramatic Wheel Balancers on my F550 cab and chassis. It had recently had 6 - 19.5"
tires replaced. After several attempts at balancing the tires to remove a terrible vibration between 40-45 mph. I was ready to return the tires to the dealer. Instead I installed the Centramatic wheel Balancers and the truck now rides as smooth as my pickup. It is nothing short of amazing at the difference they made in the ride!" - RM

"This is to confirm that we installed the Centramatic balancer on the steer of Truck #148 with 594,961 miles The tires were removed with 875,262 miles. These wheel balancers are still doing a great job! Thanks for helping me reduce our cost per mile." - Dennis Cox, Director of Maintenance.

"I just wanted to let you know that I installed my Centramatic Balancers today and can't believe what an incredible difference they have made in ride quality! After installing Centramatic Balancers the vibration is completely gone, that simple. My Jeep rides as smooth as it did when it was new!" - Kevin.

"Today, I now have 482,000 miles on my truck and on these tires. I am amazed at the performance and thought you might be as well!" - D. Jacoby

"I installed Centramatics on my lifted Powerstroke diesel about 4 years ago. Not only do they make the ride smoother, they have noticeably increased the life expectancy of my Nitro Mud Grapplers. Aside from decreased tread wear, this also lessens the vibration and strain on all suspension / steering components associated. I truly believe your product is worth every penny." - M Mack

"Just wanted to let y'all know I bought a set of Centramatic Wheel Balancers over a decade ago. All of my tire issues went away. No dipping, no cupping, no uneven wear, weather loaded or empty". - H. Raney

"Installed the balancers today. What a difference. Zero vibration. Thanks again for a great product!" - E. Arcand

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Centramatic Balancers. For some tie I had been annoyed by a constant rattling in the house section and could not determine what was causing it. Immediately after installation the rattling stopped. The whole vehicle is quieter, the ride and handling improved and most importantly, I am a much happier camper! I wouldn't belived this possible if I hadn't experienced it myself. thanks for making such a great product!" - P. McCormack

"I purchased a set of balancers for one of my older more problematic trucks. within 2 hours of install my driver called me to find out what "magic" I performed to smooth out the front end of his truck. A great product for sure. - R. Draskins

"I just installed Centramatics on my F450. They are fantastic. They replaced pounds of lead weights that never balanced the tires and wheels." - L. Stewart

"Today I stalled your balancers. Wow - there is no shake what so ever at any speed. After 124,000 miles of shaking. i finally have a truck that rides like it should." A. Ward

"First of all I would Like to say, WOW, what a great product! Since I put the tires on I could not even run 60 mph without the truck feeling like it was shaking apart. I got the balancers and installed them and I can drive 80 mph without the truck shaking. They are great! I would recommend them to anyone running oversized tires. - Johnny

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